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Our mission is to be an enduring leader of the investment management industry.

Our Company

Palo Alto Investors, LLC (PAI) is a leading private investment firm. We make long-term investments for high-net-worth and institutional investors based on original, deep, fundamental research. We don’t rent stocks. We own them. With over $1 billion in assets under management, we offer several healthcare sector funds.

Significant partner ownership in all of our Funds serves to align our financial interests with the financial interests of our clients.

At PAI our mission is to deliver superior returns to our clients by investing for the long term. At the core of our investment philosophy lies the belief that intensive, original research is required to discover and evaluate inefficiently priced equities. We generally focus our investments in micro cap and small cap U.S. equities, which are not closely followed by Wall Street sell-side research firms. We target the healthcare sector, as we believe it is an overlooked, misunderstood and undervalued segment of the market and has significant potential for appreciation. Our experienced research team has extensive clinical and industry experience in healthcare. They utilize a disciplined, bottom-up approach to identify promising investments, and the firm’s investment policies ensure liquidity horizons that are sufficient to take advantage of new opportunities.

PAI is committed to providing exemplary client service, maintaining the highest level of ethics, operational excellence and professionalism. PAI is independently owned, and has been registered with the SEC since its inception in 1989.